DTH Course Content

Certificate Course in DTH Installation & Maintenance


Entry Qualification:        Minimum 10th Std. & and Above


Subject Competency: After completion of the training, participants would be able to join to the revolutionary change in Digital cable TV industry. This is the fastest growing industry and invoking millions of job opportunity directly or indirectly. Direct to Home in short DTH is now became the inseparable part of home entertainment.  The trainee will able to work as Telecom DTH Installation Technician with various service providers


Course Content & Session Planning


Fundamentals of Electricity & Electronics: Concepts of electricity, Components: Active components, Passive components, Introduction to analog & digital circuits

Introduction to Telecom DTH Technology Listing major deliverables of Telecom DTH Installation Technician to create focus for effective performance. Listing the components of Telecom DTH. Familiarization with various terms like Transmission/Broadcasting/ Encryption used in Telecom DTH Technology.



Identifying the tools in the Telecom DTH Installation kit. Demonstrating Safety while handling the Telecom DTH installation tools. Listing tips to maintain Telecom DTH installation tools. Familiarization with Telecom DTH tools & equipments. Knowledge of Safety at work. Demonstrating the Telecom DTH installation process (Hands-on). Identifying the importance of connectors & learn the process of cable preparation & connectorization Knowledge of Telecom DTH installation process. Knowledge of process of assembling, installing and connecting dish to STB



Practice the processes for effective customer interaction. Demonstrating effective technical troubleshooting steps of fault and repair. Demonstrate Application & maintenance of PDA & WFMS (Work Force Management System) work flows. Identifying the items of the CRF (Customer Relationship Form) & the categories to be filled. Demonstrate effective communication & listening skills. Demonstrate proactive behavior at work Knowledge the process of:

  • Call Overview
  • Installation & Escalation
  • Service call process
  • Sub processes

Knowledge of work flow management system (WFMS) & Personal Digital Assistance (PDA). Knowledge of case report form.



Roles and Responsibilities of Telecom DTH Installation Technician. Knowledge of communicative English and use basic communication skills for courtesy & comprehension & Grooming, Basic computer operational training,